The New Jersey Young Artists Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of artists in New Jersey. Our three main goals include:

TEACHING young artists to realize their full potential and to appreciate the world around them.

ENCOURAGING young artists to utilize their creativity, talents, and passion for art to give back to the community.

HELPING ​ young artists share their experiences and thrive together.


Nicole Feng - President
Shirley Pang - 
Vice President of Community Events

Megan Li and Jonathan ZhangDirectors of Community Events
Stephanie Yau - 
Vice President of Children’s Division

Yi Li and Emily YeDirectors of Children's Division

Connor Li - Vice President of Information & Technology

Jessica Wu - Director of Membership Development

Amber Yu - Website Manager
Winston Lin - 
Vice President of Financial Management

Andrew Chen - Director of Accounting

Mulin HuanDirector of Fundraising  
Michelle Zhong
Vice President of Public Relations

Karen YangDirector of Public Relations

Aaron ChuSocial Media Manager 


Anushka Radadia - President

Kaitlyn Ma - Vice President of Community Events

Shirley Pang - Director of Community Events
Nicole Feng - Vice President of Children's Division

Stephanie Yau -Director of Children's Division

Alice Yang - Vice President of Information & Technology
Amber Yu-Website Editor

Chris Shen - Vice President of Public Relations
Winston Lin-
Vice President of Fundraising
Connor Li -
Director of Accounting


Evelyn Shiang - President

Kaitlyn Ma - Director of Community Events

​Anushka Radadia - Vice President of Community Events

Chris Shen - Director of Children's Division

Alice Yang - Vice President of Children's Division

Grace Wang - Vice President of Public Relations

Kyle Li - Vice President of Fundraising

Shirley Pang - Director of Accounting

Kaitlin Zhang - Website Editor

Winston Lin - Director of Information & Technology


Michael Shen - President

Jenny Huang Vice President of Community Events

Katie Zhang - Director of Community Events

Evelyn Shiang - Vice President of Children's Division

Annie Huang - Director of Children's Division

Kyle Li - Vice President of Public Relations

Anushka Radadia ​- Director of Information & Technology

Jenny Chen - Vice President of Fundraising and Financial Management


Rebecca Zheng ​- President 

Jenny Huang ​- Vice President of Community Events
Michael Shen ​- Vice President of Children's Division
Megan Luo ​
Vice President of Membership Development & Public Relations
Annie Huang 
Director ​of Fundraising and Financial Management  
Michael Shen ​Director ​of Information & Technology


Rebecca Zheng President

Jenny Huang - Vice President of Community Events

Annie Huang ​ - Vice President of Children's Events 

​Catherine Yang - Director of Senior Citizen Events

Joanna Li Director of Hospital Events & Public Relations

Shannon Lu Director of Membership Development & Fundraising 

​Megan Luo - Director ​of Special Projects 

Michael Shen Director ​of Information & Technology 


A B O U T  U S

Jeff Zhou - Chairman/President

Weifang Shan - Secretary/Vice President
Linda Li - Treasurer
Priscilla Sage - Strategic Advisor
Rebecca Zheng
Megan Luo

​Members will learn about art and develop valuable leadership skills all while using their artistic abilities to give back to their community in a welcoming and creative environment. Our goals include establishing a group of passionate and determined young artists who want to improve their skills as well as help others. 

After four years, NJYAA continues to grow and improve with each meeting and event. Members have not only gained a greater understanding of art, but have also developed better communication and thinking skills that will help them throughout their entire lives.