Before signing up to become a member ask yourself the following questions:

Am I between the ages of 13 and 18?

Do I live in New Jersey?

Do I have an interest or passion for art?

Do I want to enhance my leadership skills while also giving back to my community?


NJYAA Membership Policies and Procedures  
Members should be aware of the following policies:
1.      The NJYAA Membership is available to all New Jersey students from 7th grade to 12th grade who are looking to test their artistic skills and to get back to the community. The young artists may sign up for NJYAA Memberships from their middle school years. However, they might be at least in their 7th grade to participate in an NJYAA community service event.
​2.      Those members who have graduated from high school may only participate in the NJYAA events until September 1st of the year directly following their high school graduation. Any member who has graduated high school and started college is not eligible to participate in NJYAA events.
3.      The NJYAA Membership is ideal for high school sophomores and juniors who are looking to develop their overall artistic skills and leadership mentalities, although seniors may not derive the full benefit of this membership. The younger artists may wish to become NJYAA Members in order to better prepare themselves for the challenges yet to come.
4.      You may become an NJYAA member securely and conveniently by downloading/filling the membership application via the website and by paying the membership fee with a valid U.S. bank check in U.S. currency according to the instruction.
5.      NJYAA membership does not guarantee acceptance into every NJYAA event. NJYAA event acceptance is based on “first-come, first choice” and will have a waiting list in time order.
6.      After your membership has been processed, the membership dues are non-refundable.
7.      Upon receipt of membership application and payment, the NJYAAA will e-mail confirmation to each 2014 member. Members will also be mailed a schedule of coming NJYAA events.
8.      It is the member's responsibility to apply NJYAA event fields via email to NJYoungArtists.org.
9.      The NJYAA holds the rights to its members' names and likenesses for publicity and promotional purposes.

Membership fee: $30.00


Members of the New Jersey Young Artists Association will receive benefits such as participating in our various volunteering events, as well as opportunity to compete in an annual art contest. Our volunteering events include visiting senior centers around New Jersey to spend time with senior citizens and teach them about art. In addition, we are also planning to visit children's hospitals to brighten patients' day through art. Annually, we hold an art competitions for young artists to demonstrate their skills and compete with one another.

Membership Benefits:

A CaPantzzi drawstring bag
Opportunities to participate in NJYAA organization leadership programs
Opportunities to
give back to the community
Opportunities to volunteer at the NJYAA operations and events
Opportunities to meet other young artists and develop your overall artistic potential  
​Exclusive discounts and promotions in the Annual NJYAA Art Contest
​Emails of upcoming NJYAA events


After completing the NJYAA Membership Application, please mail in your form along with $30.00. The membership fee may be paid in cash or check made out to: New Jersey Young Artists Association

Address:  NJYAA Gallery (INDOOR Exhibit) 1143 Route 601, Suite B, Skillman, NJ 08558 us